The vacation that wasn’t: Part 2

On the way to Michigan! In this picture, I am wedged between Violet’s car seat and Addison’s so that I could reach back to Oriana. Because she and Violet needed snacks.

On our short-lived vacation, we managed to make it to the beach once. We spent a beautiful morning by the lake. The girls loved playing in the sand. They did not love the water; they refused to get close to it. They built lots of sand castles with Daddy, Grandma, Uncle Josh and Emily though. We had fun that morning and it was gorgeous.

Just about all of my favorite people in one picture!

20160801_103528                           20160801_103532[1]  20160801_103546

We also got all three girls into the pool a few times. Violet really liked swimming. She was kicking and splashing around and having a great time. She also liked getting in a float and having someone push her around the pool. Oriana wasn’t as enthusiastic about the pool. It was slow going getting her in. She was very nervous and she said “oh no” a lot and did a lot of deep breathing. She wouldn’t get in a float, but each time she was more comfortable and more willing to splash around. Addison loved floating in the pool. We just sat her in a float and she was as content as could be. Addi also liked lounging by the pool. I set her up in lounge chair by the pool with boppies and her tube feed one night and she was happy as could be!

On our last day in Michigan, we took the girls to a little farm/petting zoo. As usual, Violet was the adventurous explorer and Oriana didn’t want to be put down. Violet was running around checking everything out and Oriana cried if Daddy tried to set her down. Violet got to pet baby chicks, rabbits, and goats. Plus they saw ducks and sheep and cows and cats and pigs. Oriana did pet a baby chick, but that was about it. Addison was not overly impressed and slept through most of it. We had hoped that our little outing, plus a nice nap in the car on the way back to the house (it was about an hour drive) would make for a happier Violet. She was super happy while we were out and about, and they did nap most of the way home, but it just wasn’t enough. She was back to raging out in no time; she wanted nothing to do with the pool or anything else. So Mommy started packing everything (that I felt like I just unpacked) and we headed for home at about 8 pm. After the first hour, the girls (thankfully) slept most of the way home.

These baby bunnies were Violet’s favorites. I think we petted them three separate times.
Petting more “hop hops”.
Taking selfies in the car

20160802_130136    20160802_124036 20160802_123849

Oriana was being silly on our way home from Michigan. She sat with this blanket on her head (without cracking a smile) for 20 minutes while Ryan and I laughed.
Happy that we were heading home.
Check our her serious face.

We ended up getting home at about 2:30 am Wednesday. We got the girls out of the car and into their room to change their diapers and they were literally begging to get into their cribs. They slept until 11 am, plus took their normal three hour nap. They were very happy to be home. We spend all day Wednesday relaxing and recovering.

Thursday we decided that we wanted to go do something (since we were still on vacation after all). I really wanted to take the girls to an aquarium, and we decided that we would go to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium because they like animals so much right now. The only down side was the two hour car ride. After we got home Thursday, I felt like I never wanted to be in a car again, especially not with grumpy toddlers.

On our way to the zoo
Playing with their “electronics”


They loved the aquarium.
Going to the zoo is exhausting!
Addison decided to stay awake on the way home.

20160804_130354 20160804_130420 20160804_132313 20160804_132327 20160804_132723 20160804_140412 20160804_132727

Mommy and Daddy even managed to get a date in Friday afternoon. While it was disappointing to leave our planned vacation so early, we made the best of it and still managed to have some adventures. The girls were much happier at home, sleeping in their own beds and that is what really mattered. Maybe we will have better luck next time.