And Suddenly…Toddlers!

It is a strange and amazing thing to watch your kids grow up right before your eyes. Sometimes as parents, you don’t realize it right away. You spend every day with your children, so all the little changes aren’t so obvious. I see all the different things the girls do and how they grow, but sometimes it hits me all at once just how much they have changed. It just recently hit me: we had these little babies just learning how to stand and take steps, and now, suddenly, we have two toddlers running around the house. I swear they went from babies to toddlers in a matter of days. Even their looks have changed; they look more grown up. Comparing their pictures from a few months ago to how they look now is such a huge difference. These girls can stop growing at any time!

This is my rocker from when I was little that my Mom got out and cleaned up. Violet & Oriana LOVED it!



And this is Addison making a grumpy face about going to doctor’s appointments today. But, seriously, how cute and grown up does she look in this outfit, with her tennis shoes on?!


Our little ladies are now 18 months old (or 15 months corrected age). Violet and Oriana are walking like old pros. When they get excited, they practically run. For being such skinny little ones, they eat a ton! Violet especially loves food. They eat everything I feed them, and then they eat half of my food too. They are finally starting to get the hang of sippy cups; Violet does really well. We haven’t been able to get away from the bottles at mealtimes yet, but the rest of the day we do sippy cups. They eat all kinds of finger foods and whatever food we eat that they can chew. They love books. Oriana loves stuffed animals. Violet still loves blankies. Violet also loves to take the dogs potty. Ryan or I have to hold her, and then she has to hold the leashes. As soon as we move towards the door with the dogs, she makes a beeline for it. (Now if only that enthusiasm would last for the next 18 years…). They are both becoming cuddlers. We have had some rough nights and days thanks to teething lately, but it seems to have let up a little for the moment, and I am super thankful for that. One teething baby is no fun, two is definitely a challenge. Violet and Oriana still don’t say many words. They are starting to get into the mimicking phase though and they make all kinds of sounds and do the whole nonsense baby talk thing. They also point and grunt at everything, which is really lovely (yes, that’s definitely sarcasm). They are getting there. I’m sure some day I’ll be wishing we could go back to the days when they couldn’t talk.

Oh, Hi Mom, did you need your debit card?
They like to do somersaults - they do this and then we flip them over.
They like to do somersaults – they do this and then we flip them over.


Oh, you know, just lounging around, eating cheerios and sharing with the dogs.

20160222_105144 20160222_104046

Addison has been doing great! We love, love, love having the g-tube. It definitely makes her life and ours easier. She is growing like crazy. I think she gets taller every day. She still has an occasional seizure, but they are much  more controlled. She has been doing awesome in physical and occupational therapy lately; it is so nice to finally see her making some progress. She has much better head control, she is holding her hands open more, she responds to my voice a lot more, she moves her arms much more, she stretches a lot, and she tries to sit up from a reclined position. We go to get her g-tube changed for the first time this week. We have several other doctor’s appointments coming up soon too. I am slowly working her up to getting her daytime feeds done in an hour. We used to have to do them over two hours back when she was throwing up so much. Since she’s not been vomiting, I have been increasing the rate they run at by a little bit every week. Right now, we are up to about an hour and fifteen minutes. Addison has a great little grin, when you can coax it out of her. She still doesn’t coo very much. She is super content, and of course, she still loves to snuggle up and get her fair share of the cuddles.

Cuddling with Jackson (he really just wanted her blanket).

20160219_090821 20160226_085558

It’s been a challenge lately to feel like I’m spending time with and paying attention to all three girls. Addison tends to get a little neglected during the day, because Violet and Oriana are so insistent on having all my attention, and I can’t always get them to behave so I can hold Addison. It is great to be able to lay Addi on the floor, and not have to worry about the other two pulling out her NG, but they just kind of crawl all over her now. They don’t yet understand that they need to be gentle with her. They pull each other down and climb all over each other, so they think they can do the same to Addison. Poor baby gets beat up sometimes. She does love to watch her sisters though. All in all, it has been a pretty normal couple of months, which has been a nice change of pace. 


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