Update: October 19-November 8

There is just no stopping these girls; they are making progress in leaps and bounds. Oriana can stand for a few seconds without holding onto anything. She took one tiny little baby step earlier this week. She loves to walk behind the toy shopping cart. She will start in the kitchen and walk all the way down the hallway. When she hits either the stove or the door at the end of the hallway, she yells until I turn her around so she can keep going. She did this for 20 minutes one day last week. I had to make her stop to take a nap (she was less than thrilled about this decision, but she was indeed tired). She will take steps when someone is holding her hands as well. She still refuses to feed herself anything except her bottle. Her new thing is picking up the puffs and putting them in my hand so that I can put them in her mouth. Sigh. She can wave, give high fives, and clap.

This kid, every time I turn around she’s into something. This time, with her accomplice Violet, she had pulled out and climbed into the drawer under her crib. I turned around and she was just lying in it on her belly.
We had this bouncy chair in the kitchen waiting to find a more permanent home for it. We turned around the other day, and there’s Oriana in the bouncy seat, acting like it is the most fun she’s ever had.

Violet has finally given up her zombie army crawl (using only one arm and one leg); she is crawling on hands and knees. She walks really well with someone holding her hands. She can also walk behind the shopping cart, but she does not enjoy it as much as Oriana does. She loves food and she loves to feed herself. I frequently have to play ‘let’s make a deal’ with Violet to get her to eat more than puffs. “If you eat two bites of these veggies, you can have a puff. Ok, fine, one bite of veggies for one puff.” Whatever it takes, right? Violet can also wave, and she does it all the time.

Addison is also making great progress. She is holding her head up and to the midline so very well! It is awesome! She is sitting with less assistance. She is making more eye contact and responding to mine and Ryan’s voices. When we talk, she will look for us and watch us. She is smiling a lot more. The other day, she looked right at me and gave me a big smile! (Yeah, she knows exactly what she’s doing; trying to get Mommy wrapped around her little finger just like Daddy is). She has been doing really well with physical and occupational therapy. I feel like she is finally content enough to really participate in and benefit from PT and OT. It is amazing to see her making some real progress. I cannot tell you how happy and proud it makes me. For such a little peanut, she works so hard! Addie has a lot of doctor’s appointments coming up, and we have many questions and issues to address with her doctors, but for now we will focus on the good. Once we have been to our appointments and addressed our concerns, I will give an update with that information.

In Mommy news, I am going back to work part-time. I have been casual for about 13 months now. Unfortunately, it is time to get back to a more regular work schedule. The girls are more stable and easier (in that they are no longer medically fragile preemies) to take care of. And, we cannot keep scraping to make ends meet forever. So, I am going to be working straight midnights and alternating a 16 hour week with a 24 hour week starting the middle of November. I’m mostly excited, but also nervous and slightly stressed about this change to my schedule. The most important thing is that the girls will not be greatly affected by it. Their schedule will stay the same and I will still be home with them all day. I will be off during the day for their appointments. So really, I’m the one that has to make the adjustments and figure out a new schedule, but it is much easier for me to change my schedule than it is for me to try and change their schedule. Fingers crossed that all goes well and I adjust quickly. Bye-bye until next time!

P.S. – I had a couple of super cute videos to post, but I got a new phone and Ryan told me to upgrade my computer to Windows 10 and now nothing is cooperating and I can’t make them play. Really, the moral of this story is that Windows 10 sucks (in case you were wondering).


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Mommy to 4 little girls & 2 fur babies. Just trying to survive the crazy. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I need to scream.

One thought on “Update: October 19-November 8”

  1. Courtney,
    I went to nursing school with you. I heard you were pregnant with quads and had wondered how everything went. I love your blog!!! When the girls are older I’m sure they will love reading it. Thank you for sharing your story!!! God Bless you and your family!!

    Amy (Hawk) Cosma


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