Update: September 28-October 18

Things have been relatively calm on the appointment front for the past few weeks (which has been awesome). I think this is because all our appointments are coming up within the next couple of months. I have been trying to write this post for about a week, but have not had the time to devote to it. All my spare time has been going to birthday party prep, because we finally had the big first birthday bash today. It seemed like it came so fast, and I never feel like I’m ready for these things! Anyways, as soon as I’m done editing this post, I am starting a post all about the party, so look for that soon-ish.


I believe that at the time of the last update, I had put Addison back on continuous feedings because she was throwing up and she tolerated the continuous feeds so well before. Well…to make a long story short, she didn’t tolerate it quite so well this time. It doesn’t matter what feeding schedule or amounts we try, she still throws up. She went about a week with no vomiting, and then she started up again. It has not been quite as frequent as it was before. It is not every day, so we will take what little victories we can get. From October to December, I think Addison will see all her doctors. We saw the developmental pediatrician at the NICU follow-up clinic in the beginning of October. We see physiatry and GI in November, and the pediatrician and neurologist in December. I think that is just about everyone. Plus, we are hoping to see the surgeon sometime in there as well. I have quite a list of questions to address with her doctors; they are all written down so I don’t forget. The only major concern to come out of her NICU follow-up appointment was the question of whether her left hip is dislocated because her left leg is shorter than her right, which we never noticed before. We were aware that this was a potential complication of her increased muscle tone. I had her PT check it last week, and she thought maybe it was subluxed instead of completely dislocated because once Addison relaxed, her legs were the same length. So we made the decision to discuss it with her physiatrist instead of seeing ortho at this point. We will see what Dr. Najarian recommends and go from there. She does not seem to be in any pain from it, and if we don’t have to add another specialist, I would rather not. On a positive note, Addison has been holding her head up very well. She is getting much better at holding her head in a midline position as well. She has been doing awesome with PT and OT being back to back and she has been working hard during her therapy appointments. We still struggle with her hatred of the car seat, but she doesn’t scream bloody murder every single time I put her in it (which is definitely an improvement).

Daddy’s girl


Oriana finally got tooth number three (it took a while) and she’s working on more! She is crawling on her hands and knees like a speed demon. She pulls herself up on anything and everything and has started cruising around the furniture. She still will not feed herself; now, I’m not saying she CAN’T, but that she WON’T. If I don’t get a piece of food in her mouth properly, she will get her hand up there and fix it, but she will not put it in her mouth herself, even though she’s obviously perfectly capable. She will laugh hysterically at the dogs doing the most mundane things. One day, Tesla was calmly walking around the living room and Oriana thought it was just hysterical! On days when I feel like crying and Violet and/or Addison are making me crazy, Oriana does something goofy to make me laugh; she’s my comedic relief. She has also learned how to give high fives, which she absolutely loves doing.


Violet is teething again, so she’s been an absolute joy. Teething is rough on that child.  She is attempting to bite a lot these days. She’s successful frequently because she catches everyone off guard, so we are working on NOT biting people. She can crawl on her hands and knees for short distances. She also pulls herself up on everything and cruises around the furniture. I frequently have to bribe her with puffs to get her to eat anything that she can’t feed herself, especially veggies. One does not just feed Violet; there is an art to it.


We took the girls to their first fall festival a couple of weeks ago. We got my Mom and brothers to go with us and we went to the Algonquin Mills Festival. It was beautiful weather and nice to get out of the house. Speaking of getting out of the house, last Saturday, Daddy and Mommy got out of the house for a date night. Ryan made me try sushi (which was surprisingly good) and we saw a movie (also surprisingly good). It was great for my mental health to have an afternoon out. It was also great to talk without being interrupted by clingy, screaming babies. Birthday party post coming soon! Love and baby kisses.



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Mommy to 4 little girls & 2 fur babies. Just trying to survive the crazy. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I need to scream.

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