Update: August 10th-23rd

I shall start by apologizing for the length of this post. Apparently more happened over the past two weeks than I originally thought. Also, I’ll apologize in case it doesn’t flow or make sense and jumps from here to there and back again. It’s been a rough couple weeks and on top of everything, I have been fighting sinus/allergy problems and generally sound and feel like I have a cold every day. So here we go. I can sum the past couple weeks up in a pretty short sentence: Mommy needs a drink (and there’s no alcohol in the house)…. Violet now has four teeth and teething turns her into a screaming demon-child. Oriana is still being rather clingy; if I leave the room, she crawls after me crying. If she can at least see me or be near me, she’s usually content though. Addison has been better in some ways. The past couple of weeks she has been either totally chill or total wild child. For example, on Tuesday she screamed the entire way to physical therapy. She screamed to the point of hyperventilating, and I had to pull the car over to check on her (needless to say, not her best effort at PT that day). Basically, it boils down to this: all 3 babies want my undivided attention and want me to hold them the majority of the day. I’m a pro at holding two, but three I haven’t yet mastered. I guess I’ll have to start putting Addison in the carrier on my chest and Violet and Oriana each on a hip, since it’s not been hot or anything and, besides, I have nothing else to do. Personal space? I don’t even know what that is anymore. If it is not one (or more) of the girls hanging all over me, it’s one of the dogs or the hubby.

We still feel that Addison’s increased dose of muscle relaxer is benefitting her. She is generally much more relaxed. For those of you with children that have to see specialists, you will understand when I say a miracle happened this week. Addison’s appointment with her new GI doctor was scheduled for October 12. I called on the 19th to see if they could get her in sooner if we saw a nurse practitioner (which I had originally refused to do). They could not get her in any sooner in Akron. They could get her in with a NP at the end of September in the Twinsburg office, but (ready for the miracle?!) the doctor had a cancellation for Thursday morning (the 20th) in the Twinsburg office! So instead of waiting 2 more months, we got to get that appointment done this week! I am absolutely in love with Addi’s new GI doctor. She feels that a G-tube is likely in our future. So, what happens next is that we will try tube feedings with an NG tube for a month, Addison will have an upper GI scope, and if everything goes well, she will have surgery to place a G-tube. This week, we will be spending a few days in the hospital to get her NG placed, make sure she tolerates it and get all the education we need to take care of it. She will also have her scope done. She started a new, stronger medication for reflux. She will be admitted to Akron Children’s on Wednesday the 26th, and we will spend about three days there. I am amazed that more progress has been made after a single appointment with a new doctor than we have been able to make over the past three months.

Addison is making several different cooing sounds now and she is smiling a lot more and making more eye contact. She was even smiling at her sisters and Jackson the other day!! Definitely a huge step for her. She is rolling from her back to her side very well. She doesn’t do it a lot, but when she does she does it properly, by pulling her knees into her belly, instead of stretching out and using her increased muscle tone like she used to. She has been much more content to lie on the floor and look around and will even bat at toys hanging over her once in a while. Sometimes, I have to remind myself of these small victories because it is easy to lose sight of them in the big picture. You want to see some big amazing thing happen, like rolling or sitting or crawling, but these little things are awesomely huge progress for Addison. I have to remember to put it into perspective; the big things often build on the little things, so the little things are just as important. It is especially hard when I think about what her sisters are doing compared to what she’s doing. Oh, Oriana’s crawling and Addison is holding her head in a midline position and making eye contact for a few seconds. It seems like such a huge difference. It is, but for Addison, doing these seemingly small things is just as big a deal as sitting and crawling are for Violet and Oriana.

Look at that silly little grin.
Oriana loves music and she dances all the time now. If there is music playing, she’s sitting there swaying from side to side or bouncing up and down (I tried to get a video of it, but she stops as soon as I get out my phone. I’ll keep trying for next week). She’s always sitting in her crib just smiling when I go to get them up in the morning or from naps. That child has got personality! She’s slowly starting to crawl on her hands and knees, instead of just the army crawl. And she pulls herself up and sits on her knees and she is starting to pull herself up to stand.

Hi Mommy!

Violet has been a bit bipolar over the past couple of weeks. The girls have their one year check-up next week. I’m pretty sure V’s attitude is just due to teething, but at least she will get the once over to be sure. Violet is getting up on her hands and knees and rocking, and she will sometimes crawl a little bit. She needs the proper motivation (like a cell phone placed a few feet away) to get moving.

Smile Violet! “Ok, but I’m not putting my heart and soul into it.”
The girls all had hearing tests done. Violet and Oriana passed with flying colors. Addison has to get a different test done. She really is not developmentally able to respond properly to the regular test. So she has to go get an ABR, which is where they look at her brain’s response to sound. She will be sedated and get electrodes hooked up to her head. I’m just waiting for the hospital to call me to schedule it. Of course, Miss Addi never gets off easy. Poor kid. It is always something.

The girls turned a year old on Thursday the 20th. I cannot believe a year has gone by already. So much has happened and they have made so much progress and grown so much in a year. It’s funny, they are a year old, but we haven’t had any of them at home for a year yet. We are waiting a couple more months to celebrate their birthday; at that point they should be developmentally closer to a year old. Since they were born three months early, they are generally three months behind developmentally. I keep reliving what was happening last year at this time. Someday, I will share their birth story with you all. We didn’t really do much to celebrate. Addison had her GI appointment and Violet and Oriana were rather grumpy. They did get to spend some time with their buddy Christopher on Tuesday night. Violet was the most content she’d been all week while she was playing with Christopher; I’m going to have to borrow that boy frequently! Christopher and his mom (Auntie Samm) were super sweet and brought the girls some awesome birthday presents. (I know you will eventually read this Samm – thanks a lot and we love you bunches!)

Being in constant demand is making me pretty exhausted and wearing on my nerves. I have to say I feel a bit bad for poor Ryan as I have been especially snippy by the time he gets home from work over the past week. Worrying about money, running to doctor and therapy appointments, trying to clean the house once in a while and do enough laundry so that we all have clothes to wear, and working makes my head spin. Some days I need a vacation. It is too much work to be me. I am fairly certain that I could sleep for two days straight if I could spare that much time, but for now I will (occasionally) continue to nap when the girls do and just keep pushing through.


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Mommy to 4 little girls & 2 fur babies. Just trying to survive the crazy. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I need to scream.

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