Fur Babies

Since I did a post about each of the girls, I think it is only fair that I do a post about our fur babies too. They are family and they have had to deal with a lot too! (Beware: cute puppy pics coming up!) First is our little man, Jackson. Jackson is a yorkie, he is 8 years old and he weighs about 8 pounds. All Jackson ever wanted out of life was to be an only child. It was bad enough when we got a second dog, but then we brought home 3 human babies. Poor little guy. He tolerates them very well though. I think he will be very patient with them as they continue to grow. He likes to get right up in their faces and smell them (he’s always had a thing for faces). He will let them touch him and even when they have pulled his hair, he just looks at me real sad-like and deals with it. He occasionally gives me a look like “Are they ever going to leave or stop making noise?” He takes comfort in the fact that our bed is still baby free and quiet at night. And don’t worry, even though he’s tiny, he still manages to hog most of our bed; he kicks if you get too close. He loves to cuddle, go on walks, and go for rides in the car. He occasionally takes his frustration out on me. He likes to yell and fight me. It has always been one of his favorite ways to play, and now he really lets me know how mad he is. Like the day I accidentally locked him in the nursery while the girls took a nap and didn’t realize until I went to get them up. He yelled at me for a good while after that. He’s got a bit of an attitude problem.

Jackson back in his younger days.
Hanging out with Addison


This is Jackson’s “Mom make them stop” face

Our corgi is Tesla (named after the scientist, not the band). She is 3 and I haven’t weighed her for a while, but she’s supposed to weigh 30 pounds. I think she’s a little over because we weren’t able to walk very frequently when the babies were in the hospital and for a while after they came home. Tesla is a big old chicken. While Jackson is scared of nothing, she is scared of everything. This dog was scared of her reflection when she was a puppy. She does not like it when the babies cry; she hides in our bedroom when they are being too rambunctious. She liked the girls a lot better before they started moving a lot on their own. Now, she likes them from a distance. She is scared when they move towards her. She likes to lick people, and she sneaks up behind them and licks their feet, so it at least takes them a minute to turn to try and touch her. She loves to play fetch and go on walks, even though she’s chubby. She’s a sweetheart and I think she’s had a much harder time adjusting to the babies than Jackson has.

cell phone 670 (2)
Puppy Tesla was super cute; I couldn’t help but post all these adorable pics.

cell phone 766 cell phone 728


Wondering what the heck Mom and Dad just brought home…
Hanging out with Oriana
I get this face a lot these days.

Of course, I’m sure once the girls learn that they can feed the dogs, they will all be best friends. The dogs both love attention, so once the girls are old enough to understand how to be nice to the puppies, I’m sure they will soak up the love. Oriana and Violet already think the dogs are fabulous and great entertainment; I’m sure Addison will too. I guess the bottom line is this: little dogs with big personalities.

Having a pile of babies in the house is exhausting!



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Mommy to 4 little girls & 2 fur babies. Just trying to survive the crazy. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I need to scream.

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