Meet Oriana!

Oriana was baby #4 or baby D. She weighed the least at birth, but was the longest of our girls. She was one pound 15 ounces and 13.5 inches long.

One day old
This is one of my favorite pictures of Oriana. She looks so dramatic; like everything was just too much!


Oriana was a champ; she pretty much cruised through her stay in the NICU. She did not have any major setbacks and she had her own ideas about how things should be done. The nurses make little nests in the isolettes to help keep the premature babies in a fetal position and make the outside world feel as similar to the womb as possible. Oriana, however, was constantly escaping from her nest. She always had a foot or leg out or somehow managed to slide all the way down to the bottom of her isolette.

A rare site – Oriana snuggled in her nest.
She got an arm out
She liked to lounge and prop her feet up on her blankets.
That’s more like it.

1413155275782 1413155275973


Oriana was only on the ventilator the day she was born. She was taken off the vent several hours after birth and she never needed it again. She was the first to not require any oxygen. She was constantly pulling it off anyways! She learned to eat like it was no big deal. She exceeded everyone’s expectations. She took her entire first bottle in no time and there was no stopping her after that. Early on, one of our favorite nurses predicted that she would go home first and she was right. She came home without any medications and without any extra equipment. She only weighed four pounds and 15 ounces when we brought her home on October 27, 2014, after 69 days in the hospital. Oriana got to travel a lot with Mommy, since I would take her with me to go visit Violet. Our wonderful NICU family left a small crib in the room for her to use while we were there.

Finally in an open crib!
Daddy feeding Oriana for the first time.
The day we brought her home. What a little cutie.


Oriana’s name means “golden” or “sunrise”. We named her quite appropriately because she is our cheerful little sunshine. She is nearly always happy and content. As my mom put it, she’s the kind of baby that spoils parents. She constantly has a smile on her face. She still tends to do everything first. I think she got tired of being number 4 and decided that it was time to be number 1. She sits up well and she is learning to crawl. She gets up on her hands and knees all the time and she pulls herself forward with her arms to get what she wants. She is ornery and likes to get into everything and laugh when you tell her no. She can hold her own bottle, when she so chooses. She likes all the veggies we have tried, except green beans. She thinks her sisters are funny and loves to interact with them. She loves everyone, but she especially loves her Uncle Josh; they are best buddies. She also absolutely loves our dogs. She is constantly trying to touch them and she thinks they are pretty funny. She will watch Tesla chew on a bone and laugh like it is the funniest thing she has ever seen. She just got her first tooth. She can say “dada”, “baba”, “nana”, and she sometimes makes a “t” sound.  At 11 months old she is only a few ounces away from 17 pounds.

About 4.5 months old

9 months old
Hanging out with/beating up on Uncle Josh
“Whatever mom…”



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